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Rustic apple tart
Orchard-fresh apple sprinkled with cinnamon and baked in a flaky buttery crust. 5.50
Add a scoop of ice cream and caramel drizzle for the perfect compliment.  6.50

Lava chocolate cake
Creamy dark dense chocolate decadence in the middle of rich chocolate cake. 4.50
Perfect with a scoop of ice cream. 5.50

N.Y. Cheese cake
Giant-sized portions of extra light and creamy gourmet New York Style cheesecake on a thick buttery graham crust. 4.50
Add Strawberry or chocolate topping for .75

A traditional luxurious Italian desert consisting of alternating layers of imported mascarpone and lady fingers delicately soaked in espresso with a hint of liqueur. 4.00

Ice cream and milk shakes.
(Real vanilla bean, Chocolate and strawberry)
One scoop  2.50 Two scoops  3.50
Milkshakes  4.50
Strawberry Sunday  4.50
Hot Fudge Browning  5.50
Toppings: strawberry .75, chocolate .25, caramel .25, crushed peanuts .25, sprinkles.25

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